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"I am very grateful to you!
We had a wonderful evening listening to the music and watching the skillfully produced videos.
This is an extraordinary job and our family is sincerely grateful to you for such attention to our children and their parents). We wish you a successful follow-up, because the work of your team is extremely valuable!
We sent this video to our friends and grandmother in Ukraine! Thank you very much again!" - Olya Bolshova, mother of Stefaniiaa

"I am a grade 2 teacher at Josyf Cardinal Slipyj School in Toronto. My students and I had a pleasure of working with Jena Ball and her project “Song Flight” for 5 weeks via Zoom. Throughout this time, we took part in multiple educational and highly engaging sessions. The stories and interactive activities helped children improve their listening and communication skills, as well as build their vocabulary. Jena Ball brought smiles and great mood to our class every session. We found “Song Flight” to be a great experience. We would recommend “Song Flight” to your students. They will have a great time. "  - Nataliia Gordey, second grade teacher, Josyf Cardinal Slipyj School, Toronto, CANADA.

"I am thrilled to see how throughout a few months of virtual meetings with Jena with ideas being generated, new proposals being discussed, exciting plans being created, we are now at the point of actual realization of the pilot project which aims to unite children around the world with the help of stories along with songs and creative art activities." - Oksana Levytska, Chair, International Education Coordinating Council, Ukrainian World Congress

"Incredibly great feat you are pulling off, Jena!!!! Congratulations!!!!" - E. Jean Carroll

"Bravo, Jena!!!!!!! Congratulations! absolutely lovely - now let's get into Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Palistine, Afghanistan, USA and territories... @SongFlightLoveinAction" - Lee Collver-Richards, Award winning actor, author,  and teacher

"You are rocking it Jena! With your caring heart, passion and knowledge combined, this project becomes a blessing to many. Carry on!" - Jerzzie Redstar

"A big thank you to the founder of Song Flight, Jena Ball, for specifically dedicating this project in support of Ukrainian children who suffered emotionally during the war in Ukraine. This pilot project is the first step in the creation of a global network of support for Ukrainian children, which we hope will later spread to different countries of the world. What a great way to unite children from all over the world and have them learn together and learn from each other." - Oksana Levytska, Chair, International Education Coordinating Council, Ukrainian World Congress

"The meeting was fantastic. Kids loved it." - Uliana Hlynchak, Producer Kontakt Ukrainian TV Network

"Such an amazing work! So touching images! Incredible dedication to the children's world! With MANY thanks." - Oksana

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