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(The Launch)

The official launch of Song Flight took place on January 15th with a live concert followed by the debut of the first "Singing Songs for the Kids of Ukraine" album. The concert will feature songs written in support of Ukraine, performed by musicians from around the world.

The launch concert will be followed by the start of the four-week, mini-pilot of the Song Flight program on January 30th. The mini-pilot will consist of four classes from four different countries meeting once a week for four weeks.


Please Consider Helping Us Fund the Concert and Mini-pilot


Sponsor a Child 
Sponsorship is $100 per child 


Sponsor a Class

Sponsorship for an entire class is  $2,000.
Although we don't have the final number of children who will take part yet, there will be anywhere from 10 to 24 children in each group.



Help Us Pay Artists and Musicians
Many artists and musicians are helping us prepare materials for the launch. Your support will help us pay for them for their work.


Buy the Song Flight Music Compilation (coming soon)

The Song Flight music compilation consists of 12 original songs (including the theme song) written by musicians from around the world in support of Ukraine.


Tip the Performers

Many of the singer-songwriters performing on January 15th. could use financial support. We will provide a link for tips at the concert. 

Become a Monthly Song Flight Subscriber:

If you have been looking around the site, then you know that creating a global program such as Song Flight has many challenges, not the least of which is finding people with the skills and experience to coordinate, organize, and deliver the Song Flight programs. Your monthly support will help us find and pay those people.

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