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Clouds in Sky

(It Takes a Village)

Every parent and teacher knows that children are always learning, always exploring, questioning, and absorbing experiences from everyone and everything they encounter. In a very real sense, we all have a responsibility to help our kids grow into kind, self-aware, and competent adults. Our futures depend on it.

If you would like to volunteer to help us get Song Flight off the ground by sharing a skill or knowledge we would be very grateful. Below are some categories of help we need but please reach out with any ideas you have. We look forward to talking! You can reach us at


We are putting together collections of unique Song Flight birds for the children to choose from and color.  We would like to be able to offer a variety of birds from specific countries.


Original songs that the kids can sing would be MOST welcome. We will be collecting and hope to publish a collection of these songs.  The proceeds from the sale would go to both the musicians and to support Song Flight.

Mental Health Professionals

The kind of trauma that results from having your world torn apart as a result of war cannot be underestimated. We are looking for mental health professionals who specialize in helping children traumatized by war, as well as counselors and therapists who can help us set up assessments.


Since Song Flight is a global program, we will need help translating materials for every country and language we visit.

Bloggers, Podcasters, TV and Radio Show Hosts

If you would like to help us get the word out via one of your platforms - blogs, newsletter, podcast, radio or TV show, Twitch, FB live, or YouTube live shows please let us know.

Connectors and Networkers

If you are a social media and analytics guru we would love to talk to you, especially if you have experience in international outreach. 

Tech Wizards

We are building a central space where we can give children a way to meet and communicate with one another, collect and share the children's work, provide information and resources, and way for participants to ask and answer questions and provide feedback. We know how to cobble together a variety of platforms to do this but would like to find a way to do it on our own. Are you up for a challenge?

Virtual World Afficianados

Giving children a 3D world where they can safely meet as avatars and work on projects specifically designed to help them develop EQ is a key element of Song Flight. But building a virtual world that kids can easily access and use is no small task.  We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Outside the Box Thinkers

Whether you are a teacher in a traditional classroom, a children's book author, a librarian, or an organization that is devoted to helping kids grow into kind capable adults, we'd like to hear from you. 

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