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The Song Flight Phases

Song Flight will be divided into three phases. At each phase, we will be testing both our materials and our approach to make sure we are addressing the many and varied needs of our participants. 

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Phase I - Hatchlings

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Phase II - Fledglings

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Phase III - Take Off 

We think of Phase I as our pilot. Starting with just one class, in just one language, we will test the stories, songs, and creative activities we've developed for each module in Song Flight. The goal is to come away with a minimum viable product that can then be expanded to include additional groups of children in other languages.

In Phase II of the Song Flight launch we will expand the number of groups/classes taking part and add one additional language (Ukrainian). Coordination and communication will be key here as we work to help bridge language and cultural differences to help kids collaborate and explore together.

Phase III will see the program expand to include multiple groups from multiple countries in three or more languages. A lot will depend on how much support we receive since translation and interpretation will be major hurdles.


At this point, we hope to have an established group of volunteers and mentors to help us navigate the platforms we are using.

Night Sky

Going Global

Once thoroughly tested and vetted by kids, parents, and educators who specialize in social -emotional learning, the Song Flight program will be developed into a playbook. This playbook will provide everything that's needed for others to run their own Song Flights. We also hope to be offering training for those who would like to become Song Flight Masters.  Stay tuned!

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