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What It Takes to Fly

(Song Flight will be broken into three Phases)


Phase I -  Fundraise and Run a Mini-Pilot
We are raising funds to run the first mini-pilot. Though small, the pilot will require the help and coordination of a team to produce and test a minimum viable product (MVP). Our goals for this MVP are:


  • Test the Process: Timing, creative materials, collaboration and coordination between the children, adults, and media platforms hosting their work.

  • Record, Archive, and Share Interactions

  • Provide Proof of Concept that will allow us to approach sponsors and explore grant opportunities.

NOTE: This first pilot will be held ONLY in English. Additional languages will be added as the funds we'll need for translators become available.

Phase II - Expand and Test
Once we have proof of concept and a team in place, we will run a full, Flight in English, Ukrainian, and one other language. This will enable us to work out any communication issues and make sure that all participants are able to understand and benefit from the program.


At this point, we will also:

  • Begin formulating an EQ assessment with the help of mental health professionals

  • Begin training Song Flight presenters

  • Start translating and recording all materials in other languages

  • Begin looking for additional musicians and artists to contribute to the IP​


Phase III - Global Launch and Playbook

The goals of this phase are not yet firm.  We plan to:

  • Launch a series of Flights, gathering information, feedback, and IP resources as we go

  • Begin to craft the Song Flight playbook so that others will be able to recreate and use our materials

  • Begin creating a virtual space  


If you would like to help us raise the money needed to build the team that will run the two Song Flight pilots, please contribute via our Patreon page: 

You can also donate via PayPal:



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