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Song Flight Mentors

Developing Social-Emotional Skills through Interngenerational Mentoring

You know the old adage, "We teach best what we most need to learn," right? Here at Song Flight, we believe that there is no better way for people of all ages to learn the art of social-emotional engagement than by helping and teaching others. 

Intergenerational learning is especially effective because it allows older students to share their knowledge and experiences while learning how to teach. Their familiarity with the subject and opportunities to teach younger students will deepen their understanding of the subject and improve their social-emotional skills. Younger students will likewise benefit from the attention, encouragement, and opportunities to improve their communication by working with mentors. It's a win-win for all. 

Image by Antonino Visalli

Song Flight Mentors

Song Flight mentoring entails taking part in our Flip Grid conversations. You would reply to students' questions and comments and ask questions of your own. The goals are to encourage the kids to ask questions, learn to express their thoughts and feelings in constructive ways, and build positive relationships with other kids around the world.


We would also value your suggestions and help with any language challenges we encounter. As Song Flight grows we will have kids from many different countries who speak many different languages. It will take a village to make their participation possible.


If you or your class would be interested in becoming mentors, please reach out to me at

Meet the Mentor Team

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