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Song Flight

Connecting children around
the world through story and song

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This little girl and her cat survived the siege at Mariupol

About Song Flight
Welcome to Song Flight, a global program designed to help children affected by the war in Ukraine to connect, share their experiences through music and stories, and educate the world about the cost of war.

The goal of Song Flight is to not only preserve the children's stories but help them learn essential social-emotional and communication skills that they will need to become kind and collaborative adults. 

If you would like to know more, please sign up to stay in touch using the form below.

If you are a teacher, counselor, or funding organization that is interested in taking part, please email me directly:

How It Works
The initial Song Flight pilots will land in 20 classes in 10 countries (see the video below). Following the completion of the pilots, the program will be open to children and classrooms globally. Sign up below to stay in touch and watch the birds as they fly from country to country carrying the children's stories and songs.

Sign Up to Stay in Touch

If you are a parent, teacher, social worker, counselor, or organization that works with and for children, please sign up and/or reach out to us. We will be communicating regularly through our email list and on the Song Flight Substack blog:

We are looking for like-minded folks who can offer professional guidance and support as well as financial assistance.  Thank you!